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Thermal properties of pineapple leaf fiber reinforced composites

Varying weight percentages of pineapple leaf fiber were added to phenolformaldehyde (PF) in order to generate a composite material. Using the transient plane source (TPS) technique, the thermal conductivities of the varying weight percentage composites were studied. It was found that increasing weight % pineapple leaf ...

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Thermal conductivity and its temperature dependence in selected steel samples

The TPS technique was used to measure the thermal conductivity of three different steel samples, which allowed the researchers to analyze the steel critically. Specifically look at was the dependence of thermal conductivity on temperature from room temperature up to 300°C. The obtained results were ...

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Temperature dependence of effective thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of treated and untreated polymer composites

The thermal properties of a series of treated and untreated oil palm fiber-reinforced composites were tested at room temperature and atmospheric pressure using the TPS method. Treatment of the composites with varying methods resulted in increases in thermal conductivity, porosity and pore sizes depending on ...

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Thermal conductivity of styrene butadiene rubber compounds with natural rubber prophylactics waste as filler

Presently, converting waste into reusable materials is a high priority among researchers. This study presents the idea of recycling the natural rubber (NR) from latex condom waste, for its use as a potential filler in styrene butadine rubber (SBR). To properly understand the SBR material ...

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