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Papers Author: Khalid Lafdi

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Thermal Investigation of Tetrafunctional Epoxy Resin Filled with Different Carbonaceous Nanostructures

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This article explored the thermal behavior of epoxy nanocomposites containing different types of nanofillers, such as 1-D Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) and 2-D predominant shape of Exfoliated Graphite nanoparticles (EG). ...

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Experimental evaluation and modeling of thermal conductivity of tetrafunctional epoxy resin containing different carbon nanostructures

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Recently, 2-D graphene nanoparticles produced by graphite exfoliation are a promising nanofiller for enhancing the thermal conductivity of polymeric materials. Unlike one-dimensional structures of carbon nanotubes, the 2-D structure provides ...

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