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Lattice Monte Carlo and Experimental Analyses of the Thermal Conductivity of Random-Shaped Cellular Aluminum

The effective thermal conductivities of open and closed-cell aluminium foams are measured by numerical, analytical and experimental methods. These methods are represented by the Hot Disc method, computed tomography (CT) and thermal Lattice Monte Carlo (LMC) analysis. Furthermore, the report includes experimental measurements of open-cell-M-pore and closed-cell Alporas cellular aluminium. All the results are then compared....

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Numerical and experimental analysis of the thermal conductivity of metallic hollow sphere structures

Using the TPS method, the thermal conductivities of a variety of metallic hollow sphere structures (MHSS) were measured. The thermal conductivities were also calculated using Misnar's analytical model and compared to the experimental results, with good agreement between the two sets of data....

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