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Quantification of free convection for embarked QFN64 electronic package: An experimental and numerical survey

Aeronautics safety strongly depends on the Quad Flat Non-Lead (QFN) reliability, whose junction temperature must remain as low as possible during operation. The power must remain below 0.1W, making the QFN64 model most relevant under these operating conditions. This study aims at improving the thermal design and reliability of the QFN64 device for embarked electronics. Numerical results are confirmed by thermal and electrical measurements carried out on prototypes for all ...


Thermal design of a sensor for building control equipped with QFN electronic devices subjected to free convection. Effects of the encapsulating resin

Quad Flat Non-Lead (QFN) devices are sensors used in building designs to control electronic equipment. The temperature of the QFN sometimes exceeds its maximum threshold, which this is primarily due to the encapsulating resin. In this study, the thermal conductivity of the resin was tested for the QFN16b, QFN32b, and QFN64b using the Transient Plane Source (TPS). Power levels between 0.1 W and 1.0 W were administered through the ...

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