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Abstract: The Hot Disk TPS was used to measure the thermal conductivity of three common building materials in Libyan houses. Newer constructions in Libya do not use the same thick building materials of conventional buildings and therefore require added insulation to make the interior comfortable for inhabitants. The samples measured in this research consisted of soft soil, soft bricks, and hard bricks. The effect of moisture on the thermal conductivity was also investigated, samples were saturated to a 40% moisture content. Soft soil had the lowest dry thermal conductivity, while hard bricks had the highest. When saturated with water, the thermal conductivity of the hard bricks was the least affected of the three. The softer materials underwent a much larger thermal conductivity change when they became saturated, underlining the need for insulation in houses constructed with these materials.

Reference: Thermophysics Collection of Manuscripts- ECTP (2005) Paper 332