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Phase Change Material (PCM)

Renewable sources of energy from natural resources such as solar and wind are indispensable in the fight against climate change. However, the problem associated with renewable energy is its intermittent supply. E.g., the sun doesn't shine at night and the wind doesn't...

Thermtest is attending the 9th Rostocker International Conference

New Brunswick, CA, Release: October 13, 2020. Today, THERMTEST, the leading provider in thermal conductivity, announces their virtual participation in the 9th Rostocker International Conference: “Technical Thermodynamics: Thermophysical Properties and Energy Systems”...

Does Insulative Paint Work?

  The Building Envelope Insulative paint can be applied to the interior and the exterior walls of a building to increase the thermal insulation. Any structure that separates the outside and the inside of a building is called the building envelope which includes...

Thermal Effusivity of Automotive Interiors

How thermal effusivity and additional thermal properties quantifies the touch/feel of automotive interiors Introduction The global automotive interior industry is one of increasing importance and has continued display steady growth patterns throughout the past decade....

Physics explanation of Thermal Conductivity of Metals

Thermal conductivity measures a materials ability to allow heat to pass through it via conductance. The thermal conductivity of a material such as metal is highly dependent on composition and structure. Metals are typically known to be highly efficient thermal...

How Thermal Effusivity Can Help Improve Your Sleep

How the thermal effusivity of a mattress can impact your sleeping patterns and what thermal materials promote a restful environment Getting a quality sleep every night is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. The human body would not be able...

Thermally Conductive Materials & Common Applications

1.0 What is Thermal Conductivity The thermal conductivity of a material or element is a defining property that aids in the development of effective heating/cooling technologies. A value for thermal conductivity can be determined by measuring the rate at which heat can...

Conserving Energy Using Batt Insulation and Thermal Resistance

The benefits of using extremely thermal resistive batt insulation to reduce energy consumption and lower power bills. Introduction Energy is the groundwork for modern living. Millions of tools and technologies harness the power energy provides to allow a comfortable...

Thermal Diffusivity – An Overview

Introduction The concept of Thermal diffusivity is frequently confused with that of thermal conductivity. They are closely related concepts; however, thermal conductivity appears to be more prevalent in the scientific community. Even as the less popular of the two...

The “Never Charge Again” Matrix PowerWatch Series 2

How thermoelectric generators and body heat power and charge a cutting-edge smart watch Introduction Atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses have been increasing exponentially since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the late...

What is Coefficient of Thermal Expansion? How to measure it?

What is thermal expansion? Thermal expansion is the phenomenon where an object or body expands in reaction to being heated. Thermal expansion is most obvious in gasses and liquids but can still have a substantial effect on solids. The thermal properties of a solid are...

Heat Transfer Through Conduction; Examples in Everyday Life

The forces behind thermal conductivity and how it is applied Heat transfer is one of the main physical forces driving all reactions on this planet. Governed by the laws of thermodynamics, heat transfer enables the energy to be used and applied to power countless...

Announcement: Thermtest attending the 46th Annual NATAS Conference

Thermtest will be attending the 46th Annual NATAS Conference this coming August 5-9, 2019. There will be an instrument exhibit that will feature the instrumentation for thermal conductivity and thermal effusivity measurements. Attending the conference will be Dale Hume, Thermtest President, and Dr. Sofia Mylona, Principal Research Scientist.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) Research Papers

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) is a measure of the expansion or contraction of a material as a result of changes in temperature. Specifically, it measures the fractional change in size per degree change in temperature at a constant pressure. Several types of...

The 10 Most Popular Academic Research Papers Roundup of March 2019

Effect of temperature on thermal properties of spray applied fire resistive materials Author(s): A. M. Shakya, V. K. R. Kodur Abstract: This paper used the Hot Disk TPS to measure the thermal conductivity of several different spray applied fire resistive materials...

Thermally Conductive 3D Printing Filaments

Thanksgiving is over, which means the Christmas trees are going up. Home owners decorate their Christmas trees with ornaments and a Christmas tree topper. Personalized Christmas ornaments can be nice and something unique. Understanding the thermal conductivity of...

Announcement: Thermtest Europe is Now Live!

Thermtest is excited to announce the launch of our new sister company, Thermtest Europe AB. For over a decade, Thermtest has been advancing the measurement of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat. Founded Spring of 2018, Thermtest...

History.8 – The History of Armco Iron

If you’ve ever seen an old bridge, or car, that’s been sitting abandoned for several years, it was most likely reddish-brown and flaking in many places. Although it is one of the most common and useful materials manufactured in the world, steel has always...

Thermal Conductivity of Ethylene Glycol-Water Mixtures

At Thermtest, the Transient Hot Wire Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter (commonly known as the THW-L2) is used as a measurement system for determining the thermal conductivity of liquids and pastes. This system follows the ASTM D7896 standard, an international standard...

Uncertainty of Calibration Calculator

Thermtest is happy to introduce the new Uncertainty of Calibration Calculator. The calculator determines the uncertainty of comparative thermal conductivity methods. Simply select the desired calibration material and the instrument, and the calculator will output their combined level of uncertainty, expressed as a percentage.

Introducing the Rule Of Mixtures Calculator

The Rule of Mixtures Calculator, newly released by Thermtest Inc., is an invaluable tool for estimating the specific heat capacity of mixtures containing any number of materials.

Graphite Sheets Ice Cutting Experiment

Take a look at the graphite sheets that were included in Thermtest’s Education Kits. They have an amazing characteristic: high thermal conductivity!

Announcement: Thermal Conductivity- A New Perspective

Here at Thermtest thermal conductivity is paramount, our goal is to aid research and development in a wide range of applications through efficient and accurate thermal property measurement. Nonetheless, we recognize the fact that most people do not find thermal...

History.6 – Lee’s Disc Method

Click HERE to build your own Lee's Disc Lee’s Disc method is used to measure the thermal conductivity of a poorly conducting material, such as glass, wood, or polymer. There is little information about the origin of the method, although it was first reported around...

History.5 – The Heat Flow Meter

During the years between 1870 and 1878, Péclet proposed three separate methods for determining the measurement of thermal conductivity.

History.4 – Transient Hot Wire Method

The transient hot wire (THW) method today is used for the measurement of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat of liquids and pastes.

History.3 – Laser Flash Method

In 1961, W. J. Parker first introduced a high-intensity laser that had the ability to measure thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity.

Thermtest Profiled by Ignite Fredericton

Check out the recent Business Profile of Thermtest posted by Ignite Fredericton. Ignite Fredericton is our great community economic development organization offering tools, resources and support to enable local business to thrive and grow.


ASTM has recently approved standard test method D7896-14 for Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity and Volumetric Heat.

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