Benelux Scientific BV Thermal Conductivity Measurement Netherlands
Benelux Scientific BV

Bonnetstraat 3
6718 XN  Ede
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 85 0811 100

Your Authorized Thermal Conductivity Measurement System Distributor in the Netherlands

Thermtest is proud to partner with Benelux Scientific, a leading supplier for advanced laboratory equipment. With a focus on analytical instrumentation and materials characterization, Benelux Scientific offers scientific tools and services to various industrial sectors and academic laboratories. With offices in Belgium (2001) and the Netherlands (2002), they specialize in mechanical testing, sample preparation, particle sizing, and elemental analysis.

Benelux Scientific prides themselves on having a highly trained after-sales support team, providing training and application support to their customers. With a dedicated goal of loyalty and quality, they strongly believe in generating trust in their existing and potential customers. Exceptional attention is paid to optimizing the efficiency and longevity of equipment, according to the customer’s specific application needs.

Servicing the Netherlands, Benelux Scientific currently distributes three of Thermtest’s Thermophysical Instruments; the Heat Flow Meter (HFM-100), the Transient Hot Wire Apparatus (THW-L2), and the Portable Thermal Conductivity/Resistivity Meter (TLS-100). These thermophysical instruments follow international standards and are designed to efficiently measure the thermophysical properties of solids, liquids, paste, and powders of various dimensions and geometry.

Benelux Scientific – The Dutch thermal conductivity testing solution.

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Benelux Scientific BV

44 Ri-Straat 33
4051 AP Ochten
The Netherlands

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