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In-Situ and Quality Control

The measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity can be used for characterization as well as a tool for monitoring material change or production quality. With our unique expertise in the field of measurement integration, we are able to move these measurements to a process or in-situ application. With thermal measurement integration, the true value may be realized.

Thermal Conductivity Applications Quality Control Tcp Ip Through the use of powerful TCP/IP communication protocols, the routine of testing, pass-fail ranges, data-collection, data-display and centralized storage can be fully automated with customized software solutions.
Thermal Conductivity Applications Quality Control Sensor Switch The sensor switch is integral to the application of multi-sensor solutions. The most advanced thermal conductivity sensor switch in the world is specially designed and confirmed to have no impact on testing results. The switch may be housed in specially sealed enclosures for applications in harsh environments.
Thermal Conductivity Applications Quality Control Sensors A variety of sensors are available which can measure thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity. The Hot Disk TPS is the only technique in the world capable of testing the absolute properties for solids, liquids, paste and powders. The Hot Disk TPS sensors have had the ability to measure in two-sided and single-sided formats for over 25 years.
Thermal Conductivity Applications Quality Control Homogeneity In addition to the ability to measure homogeneity differences from sensor to sensor locations; the Hot Disk Homogeneity testing module is able to measure homogeneity with depth (mm). This is an accurate tool for detecting the exact location and depth of defects in materials, such as, voids, foreign objects and un-wanted curing artifacts.

Learn More About Hot Disk Transient Plane Source (TPS)

The Hot Disk Transient Plane Source (TPS) technique allows for precise thermal conductivity measurement of a huge array of materials ranging in thermal conductivity from 0.005 to 1800 W/m∙K . TPS is capable of measuring bulk and directional thermal properties of solids, liquids, pastes and powders.

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