We are happy to announce Thermtest will be part of the 1st International Conference on Nanofluids (ICNf) and the 2nd European Symposium on Nanofluids (ESNf) in Castelló, Spain, on June 26-28 2019. Both events provide platforms for global collaboration and exchange of knowledge between researchers and engineers working on nanofluids and related areas.

Focuses of ICNf 2019 include production and characterisation of nanofluids and liquid-based nanocomposites, nanofluid-based heat transfer and storage of thermal energy, as well as industrial applications.

Attending the conference will be Dr. Sofia K. Mylona will give a scientific presentation, and Dr. Daniel Cederkrantz of Thermtest Europe AB.

Thermtest will bring a demo THW-L2 to perform live testing of thermal conductivity of fluids. This THW-L2 Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter is an advanced measurement system for direct determination of the thermal conductivity of liquids in accordance with ASTM D7896.

Click here for more information about the THW-L2 meter