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Announcement: Thermal Conductivity History Timeline

Announcement: Thermal Conductivity History Timeline

June 10, 2015

Thermtest Inc. is excited to announce a new launch within their website, “Thermal Conductivity History Timeline” dedicated to the development, methodology, and history of thermal conductivity testing methods and their founder(s).

The new subsection of the website will cover blog posts about the history of different thermal conductivity testing methods in hopes to show the important discoveries and concepts that have been discovered over the past few decades in the field of thermophysical instrumentation.

Starting with Dr. Silas E. Gustafsson who developed the Transient Plane Source Method, we will take a step back in time to showcase the important people and their tremendous work on developing the methods and instrument apparatuses available today on the market.

Blog postings will include:

–       Brief history of the founder(s)
–       Timeline of events
–       How the thermophysical instrument works
–       How the concept was developed
–       New future applications
–       And much more

At Thermtest we are committed to encompass all aspects of thermal conductivity within our company. At the same time, we also believe different research and development ideas in thermal conductivity should be acknowledged and represented within this blog.

New postings will be minimally once a week with other content postings happening weekly.

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