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Announcement: Our thermal science education kits are enroute!

Announcement: Our thermal science education kits are enroute!

December 8, 2015

Yesterday, Thermtest shipped our thermal science education kits to schools all over Canada and the United States. These kits contain an infrared thermometer, a piece of nylon, and two sheets of graphite. Nylon and graphite are at opposite ends of the thermal conductivity spectrum. The purpose of these kits is to provide a hands on, visual example of how different materials conduct heat, in order to help students learn about thermal conductivity in an engaging way. 

Thermtest wishes to thank all of the teachers who responded to our giveaway, and we hope that you and your students will enjoy working with the kits. Science experiments are a great way to get students interested in a scientific career!  For more information on thermal conductivity and how it affects the world around us, check in with our blog for posts in our new Thermal Conductivity Perspectives series. Thermtest is currently working on producing two additional educational kits: a thermal conductivity booklet, and a high thermal conductivity graphene ice cutter. Keep an eye out for blog posts announcing these giveaways!

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