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Sitemap Products Hot Disk TPS Heat Flow Meter (HFM) DSC-L600 TGA-1000/1500 TLS-100 THW-L2 TPS-EFFusivity Meter GHFM-02 TPS 3500 TPS 2500 S TPS 2200 TPS 1500 TPS 500 TPS 500 S TPS-M1 TPS Testing Modules TPS Accessories Soil Testing Equipment Laboratory Instruments Portable Meters Testing Services Thermal Testing Services Thermal Conductivity Testing Services Thermal Resistance Testing Services Thermal Resistivity Testing Services Thermal Diffusivity Testing Services Specific Heat Capacity Testing Services Thermal Effusivity Testing Services Thermal Expansion Testing Services Thermal Conductivity of Solids Thermal Conductivity of Liquids Thermal Conductivity of Pastes Testing Thermal Conductivity of Powders TPS Testing Modules and Accessories...

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Thermal Conductivity Experiments

Thermal Conductivity Experiments Browse our selection of easy to do experiments. Heating Water in a Balloon Test and demonstrate the difference in thermal conductivity of air and water. Ice Cutting Experiment Instantly cut ice with the amazing high thermal conductivity graphite sheets. Get your own free piece of graphite to run this experiment. Touch Metal Touch Wood Why does metal feel different than wood? Calculating Length Learn how to use heat flux and thermal conductivity to calculate length of a rod with unknown length. Unburnable Paper Make Paper flame-proof using only a metal rod. Heat Transfer of Liquids Comparison...

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Explore the thermal properties of a diverse set of thermal conductivity applications, while delving into their research backgrounds with published papers.

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Paper Database

Thermal Conductivity Research Paper Database Thermtest has compiled the world’s largest thermal conductivity academic paper database. All research papers are searchable by method, authors, keywords, and titles. The research paper database is dedicated to the Transient Plane Source (TPS), Transient Hot Wire (THW), Transient Line Source (TLS), and Guarded Heat Flow Meter (GHFM). These techniques offer a wide range of applications, which is represented by more than 1000 papers represented in the database! Explore the world’s largest thermal conductivity paper database. Select MethodTransient Plane SourceTransient Line SourceTransient Hot WireGuarded Heat Flow Meter Featured Authors Handpicked from the database, thermal...

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Hot Disk TPS

a TPS Specifications Standard ISO 22007-2:2015 Thermtest Series TPS 3500 TPS 2500 S TPS 2200 TPS 1500 TPS 500 / 500 S Solids, Liquids, Pastes, and Powders Thermal Conductivity & Thermal Diffusivity Bulk or Average Through-thickness   Through-plane   Two-sided & Single-sided Sensors Minimum Sample Size (diameter or square) 2 mm 2 mm 6 mm 13 mm 13 mm / 6 mm Maximum Sample Size 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Thermal Conductivity Range 0.005 to 1800 W/mK 0.005 to 1000+ W/mK 0.01 to 500 W/mK 0.01 to 20+ W/mK 0.03 to 100 / 200 W/mK Temperature Range -160 to 1000°C...

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Hot Disk TPS Testing Modules

Testing Modules Testing modules allow the thermal conductivity instrument to be used in special applications: anisotropic samples or layered structures (Anisotropic Testing Module); high-conducting sheets or slabs (Slab Testing Module); measurements of thin films, coatings or adhesive layers (Thin Films Testing Module); homogeneous and heterogeneous solids, liquids, pastes, and powders (Standard Module); direct measurement of specific heat (Specific Heat Module); and high-conducting rods (One Dimensional Testing Module)– important applications across a broad range of industries and academia. Standard For measurement of bulk or average thermal conductivity (W/mK), thermal diffusivity (mm2/s), and volumetric heat capacity (MJ/m3K) of homogeneous and heterogeneous solids,...

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Discovering new applications for advancing and predicting thermal failures in modern electronic and automotive devices.

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