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Sitemap Products Heat Flow Meter (HFM) DSC-L600 TGA-1000/1500 THW-L1 TLS-100 THW-L2 TPS-EFFusivity...

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Explore the thermal properties of a diverse set of thermal conductivity applications, while delving into their research backgrounds with published papers.

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Paper Database

Thermal Conductivity Research Paper Database Thermtest has compiled the world’s largest thermal...

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Testing building materials, such as concrete and insulation, to ensure the highest of quality and the safest of products are used for construction

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Discovering new applications for advancing and predicting thermal failures in modern electronic and automotive devices.

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Performance Assessment of Passive Fire Protection Materials

Three reference passive fire protection materials were tested to determine the effect that fire exposure has on their thermophysical properties. It was determined that the thermophysical properties during fire exposure have a significant impact on the performance of the materials. The knowledge of how the properties of these materials change upon exposure to fire will aid researchers in being able to better calculate the time to failure of the object the material is protecting.

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