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Top 10 High Thermal Conductivity Research Papers

Top 10 High Thermal Conductivity Research Papers Thermal conductivity enhancement of Ag nanowires on an organic phase change material Increasing the thermal conductivity of an organic phase change material, all the while maintaining a high phase change enthalpy, is a difficult task. In this study, researchers took 1-tetradecanol/Ag nanowires composites, containing various wt% of Ag nanowires, and tested their thermal conductivities and phase change enthalpies. The results suggest the PCM composite containing 62.73 wt% of Ag nanowires is the most promising candidate for thermal conductivity enhancement of organic phase change materials, as it showed a remarkably high thermal conductivity...

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What is Thermal Conductivity?

What is Thermal Conductivity? Thermal conductivity (often denoted by k, λ, or κ) refers to the intrinsic ability of a material to transfer or conduct heat. It is one of the three methods of heat transfer, the other two being convection and radiation. Heat transfer processes can be quantified in terms of appropriate rate equations. The rate equation in this heat transfer mode is based on Fourier’s law of heat conduction. Thermal conductivity occurs through molecular agitation and contact, and does not result in the bulk movement of the solid itself. Heat moves along a temperature gradient, from an...

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Lars Wadsö

After developing an interest in science and engineering from a very young age, Dr. Lars Wadsö studied engineering physics at Lund University in Sweden and continued his education at the University as a PhD student, studying wood-water relations. Since graduating, Dr. Wadsö has remained in the Division of Building Materials as a professor and head of laboratory research.

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TPS Guest Webinar – Nano-polymers

A guest webinar presented by Sima Lashkari from the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of New Brunswick. This webinar entails the use of the Hot Disk TPS technique by Sima to measure the thermal conductivity of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) polymers with varying amounts of carbon nanotubes as filler. The goals, experimental results and outcome of Sima’s research are discussed. – Presented by Sima Lashkari

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Demonstration Webinars

Recorded Webinars TPS Guest Webinar – Thermal Transfer Composites Thermal Transfer Composites uses their TPS 500 S instrument to measure thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of their Al/SiC materials. The data they collect is used for R&D, spec sheets, and customer projects, and the TPS 500 S has been found to be an excellent method for their thermal characterization needs. – Presented by: Mike Casey, Engineering Manager, Thermal Transfer Composites TPS Webinar – General Theory An introduction to the Hot Disk TPS technique with background theory on the operation of the instrument, the use of the Hot Disk software,...

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Paper Database

Thermal Conductivity Research Paper Database Thermtest has compiled the world’s largest thermal conductivity academic paper database. All research papers are searchable by method, authors, keywords, and titles. The research paper database is dedicated to the Transient Plane Source (TPS), Transient Hot Wire (THW), Transient Line Source (TLS), and Guarded Heat Flow Meter (GHFM). These techniques offer a wide range of applications, which is represented by more than 1000 papers represented in the database! Explore the world’s largest thermal conductivity paper database. Featured Authors Handpicked from the database, thermal conductivity papers from featured published authors. Keyword Search Using popular applications,...

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